Our Circus Team

Peter Holben — Owner

Peter is a passionate adventurer and began his exploration of movement through wilderness adventure. He began his travels seeking out the world’s greatest rock climbing destinations and discovered Thai Massage and Acro Yoga along the way. When Peter is not on his 6 foot tall unicycle or practicing inversions, he is crunching numbers as a CPA. He helps small businesses, including the Circus Collective, adopt a financial plan that achieves their goals. His favorite movement arts are unicycling, rock climbing, acro and handstands.

Dillan Harris — Studio Manager

Dillan is a versatile aerialist that specializes in rope, silks, hammock, and straps. She discovered aerial silks while in Los Angeles, California, then quickly fell in love with the circus community and how small it makes the world seem. She has trained with circus professionals worldwide, focusing primarily on developing a strong, unique movement quality and creative theatrical skills.

She has had some amazing coaches along the way, including Brett Womack, Emiliano Ron, Alex Allan, Rain Anya, Sarah Bebe Holmes, Will Davis, David Gray, Chantal McCormik, and Fred Deb (to name just a few). Her love of flying has taken her around the world - from studying act development in Greece, to busking all over Eastern Europe, to teaching workshops in Slovakia, to participating in aerial festivals in Ireland, France, the UK, and the Barcelona Rope Meeting in 2018. She completed levels 1 & 2 of Paper Doll Militia’s Aerial Teacher Trainings, and taught both adult and children’s classes in LA for 3 years at Kinship Yoga Studios, The Aerial House, as well as Womack and Bowman’s The Loft before recently relocating to Denver, CO. Her love of teaching is matched only by her love of performance, most recently in Paper Doll Militia’s aerial theatre production “Warped,” in which she worked on the creation and development phase and as the understudy for Catalyst.


She hopes to pass on her love of aerial arts, performance, and dancing in the air to young and old, to remind us that there is still enough magic in this world and in our bodies to allow us to fly.

Coco Day

Coco happened upon an aerial yoga class in Phoenix, AZ in 2014, and attended classes religiously. It helped that the aerial school was in an old church! Aerial class was the best part of her week, so she soon took a deep dive into the world of trapeze, hammock, lyra, and silks. She has trained several aerial disciplines but is primarily interested in vertical apparatus. Coco has recently fallen head over heels with rope as it poses new challenges and allows for momentum and dynamic movements. 


Coco has trained under Holly Dison and Rebekah Leach which ignited her passion for aerial theory. She moved to Denver in the summer of 2016 to spread her wings and feels extremely lucky to be surrounded by all the aerial opportunities in Colorado.


She specializes in curating looks for costuming, teaching private parties and event planning. When she's not at her Circus Collective home, she works full time in Marketing and Administration.

Cressie Mae

Cressie Mae is a Colorado based solo artist, collaborator, ensemble performer and teacher. She trained with world-renowned trapeze artist Elena Panova at the San Francisco Circus Center, and is a graduate of the Frequent Flyers Pro Track Training Program in Boulder, CO. Cressie Mae understands movement arts as a tool for energetic and artistic collaboration as well as a catalyst for a healthy and exciting lifestyle.  

Jasmyne Pierce

Jasmyne has always had a strong fondness for the circus since she can remember, and has now finally found a way into the world of circus arts! Her background is all in competitive gymnastics — both as a participant and coach. She competed in the USAGymnastics Junior Olympic program for 10 years, and coached a variety of levels for 5 years after that time.  Once leaving the competitive world behind she never quite felt like that chapter of her life was completely closed. She loves to perform, and has since became extensively involved in her pursuits of theatre, dance, voice training, and now the aerial arts. She can't wait to share her love of performance and acrobatics all-in-one, and give versatility to each and every student as a circus acrobat through the strength and body-form training that she has undergone.

Jocelynn Rudig

Jocelynn Rudig is a certified Aerial Fabric, Aerial Yoga, Yoga and GYROKINESIS® Instructor. She has been teaching aerial dance for over 10 years. Jocelynn began her training at the San Francisco Circus Center and continues to train at the Boulder Circus Center and around the world with fellow flyers. She has been performing aerial dance, modern and ballet for over 15 years, specializing in Aerial Fabric, Lyra, Trapeze, Rope and Invented Apparatus. She teaches workshops across the nation in studios and at Aerial Dance Festivals. Internationally, she has taught in Central America, Mexico, Thailand, France and India.  

Jonathan Cole

Jonathan Cole began his career as a teenager in Ohio, eventually moving to Diamond Bar, California where he trained more intensively with multiple Olympic athletes and coaches. After seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance in person, Jonathan went on to perform with them in the summer of 1999. Since then he has toured with them with the show "Quidam" that became an international success, as well as "O", another show that Jonathan performed in. Aside from dazzling performances, Jonathan's coaching career grew as he worked at Go For It Gymnastics, NV, and Shine Alternative Fitness. Jonathan is now based in Colorado and focuses more on guiding and training those who want to be part of the mystical world that is Circus! Jonathan has also worked for Circus Couture, Golden Rainbow, Coaching for Zoomanity, One Night for One Drop, and he can be seen in the Cirque du Soleil movie "Worlds Away"

Katie Nadal

Katie has been exploring the movement of hoop dance since 2011 which has developed into a beautifully technical and musical style.  Her natural love for teaching and passion for hoop dance led her towards empowering others to find their flow. As a professional guide of children, Katie loves to create fun, imaginative, and interactive ways of self expression through the art of hoop dance. 

Sarah Baer

Sarah found her love for aerial arts in 2011, while taking community circus classes in Cardiff, Wales. After finishing her Masters degree in Neuroimaging Methods and Applications in 2014, she returned to her hometown of Houston and has been teaching lyra and trapeze ever since. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cosplay, piano, and outdoor adventures.

Sarah Dawn

Sarah Dawn discovered the wonderful world of movement arts 14 years ago, when a good friend made her her first hula-hoop, starting a lovely journey down a rabbit hole of circus arts that has culminated in her aerial career today.


Though Sarah loves the stage, bringing dynamic creativity to her performances, her main passion lies in teaching. She loves to share her aerial knowledge and commitment to health and wellness, inspiring others to lead healthier lives through circus.  For the past seven years, Sarah has taught out of her studio, Such Great Heights Aerial Arts, in West Oakland, as well as at Kinetic Arts, Trapeze Arts, and others around the Bay Area and beyond, sharing her knowledge at circus schools, retreats, and festivals around the country.  Sarah is a 2017 graduate of the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Professional Training Program in Boulder, Colorado, specializing in corde lisse, fabric, and partnering. With a Master’s Degree in Nursing and 10 years of experience as an ER Nurse, Sarah also has a deep understanding of health and wellness, injury assessment and prevention, and advanced first aid, and aims to combine art and science to explore the unique mental and physical effects circus has on the body.

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 We are also available for aerial and circus performances, including entertainment for events of all types. To book any of our performers, please contact us regarding your needs. We provide a wide variety of performance options and all of our performers have their own insurance.