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Pole Class Descriptions & Pre-Reqs
** All pole classes are 18+ **


Pole 1:

This is where your pole journey begins! You will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique and strength training that will prepare you to join our level two classes. Wear what you’re comfortable in, but shorts are highly recommended.

Down 'n' Dirty Pole: 

Explore the enticing world of sensuality and self-discovery in our 'Down 'n Dirty' dance class. Designed to empower and liberate, this unique experience combines sensual, low-flow, and floor work, creating a transformative journey for all levels. Connect with your body, embrace your inner sensuality, and boost self-confidence as you indulge in fluid movements and seductive choreography. Our judgment-free environment fosters self-acceptance and body positivity, providing a healing and empowering experience for every participant. Join us in 'Down 'n Dirty' and let your sensuality shine in a safe, inclusive, and empowering community.

Pole 2:

Pole 2 is designed to build upon the basics you’ve learned in Pole 1. You will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down, and around the pole. In essence, this is the level where pole students begin to dance in the air for the first time while building the strength they will need to prepare for inverted techniques.

Pre-Requisites: Fireman spin, comfort in a basic pole sit, back floor rolls. 

Pole 2/3: 

Pole 2/3 is designed for those who have been working on climbs and spins, and are ready to begin basic pole inversions. You will continue to learn more advanced climbs, spins, and floor work variations while building the strength and confidence necessary for proper inversion technique.

Pre-Requisities: Minimum of 3 Level-Two classes, climbing, fan-kicks, pole sit, comfort in a variety of spins, and currently working on inverting. 

Spin Pole 2/3+:

Take poses and climbs learned in Level 2 and 2/3, and take them around the pole! Spin pole is designed for those already comfortable at Level 2/3 and up.

Pre-Requisities: Confidently inverting from the ground, and a minimum of three Level 2/3 Classes. 

Exotic Pole 2/3+:  

In this floor, pole, and heels* fusion class, we will emphasize connecting to your body in your own, sensual way while also learning how to fluidly move between different pathways on and off pole. Sexy, sensual, and strong are terms that have different meanings for different people, so there is a little bit of everything in this class including choreo, low flow, pole work, and conditioning. Whether you are just getting started on a new hobby or you have experience in the adult entertainment industry, this class has the tools to help grow your unique flow!

*Heels are NOT provided, and NOT required, but highly recommended and helpful for certain types of moves. Heels brought by student must be pleaser or pleaser style heels.

Pre-Requisites: Students must have taken at least three pole 2 or higher level classes (can bypass with instructor approval), must be able to climb the pole, supported headstand against the pole, pirouette, dip spin, jasmine, fireman spin, fan kick from ground, back roll overs.

Pole 3:

Pole 3 is for those who have mastered all the basics and are ready to begin inverting in the air. Students will learn more advanced combinations, floor work, hangs, and spins.

Pre-Requisites: Confidently inverting from the ground, Crucifix, Leg Hangs, Split-Grip Holds, Apprentice, and comfort in a variety of seated shapes.

Pole 3/4: 

Pole 3/4 will bring your training to the next level with power spins, more advanced inversions, and challenging holds which involve fewer and/or smaller points of contact. You will learn how to bring all the skills you’ve acquired together to execute both dynamic and fluid aerial combinations. This is the level where the student truly begins to find their unique strengths and style as a pole dance athlete/artist.

Pre-Requisites: Minimum of 3 Level-Three classes, comfort with grounded and aerial intermediate inversions, Climbing Variations, Comfort with Spin Pole.

Pole 4: 

Advanced Pole is designed to challenge the advanced student with the highest level strength and flexibility tricks, intricate transitions, dynamic flows, flips, drops, and tumbles. The focus is on the balance of strength, power, fluidity, and grace at the highest level.

Pre-Requisites: Must have instructor approval to join. 

24-hour cancellation policy: If you cancel within 24 hours of class, you forfeit your class credit. Certain exceptions may be made, but only at the discretion of Circus Collective, including in the case of injury or illness (accompanied by a note from your physician).

Should Circus Collective cancel a class you are enrolled in, the class credit will be returned to your account. This credit will maintain the original expiration date. If you are uncertain of this date, please feel free to contact us by emailing If the credit has fewer than 30 days remaining, please contact the front desk for an extension within 48 hours.

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