Lucky Cat Lyra.jpeg

Exotic Aerial Dance Workshop

     with Lucky Herrera and New York Cat

In this four week workshop we will spend our first three 1.5 hour sessions learning then perfecting a sexy solo combining exotic dance and aerial.


Co-taught by Lucky and New York Cat, receive twice as much aerial guidance with not one, but two sets of eyes as they teach and help you perfect each skill and every transition.


Intermediate and Advanced Aerial Hoop, Dance Trap, and Hammock Aerialists will enjoy a chance to marry their ground work with what they do in the air as they learn and actually PERFORM in a Covid-safe manner... As our workshop culminates on the fourth week, Sunday February 7th, when we'll don costumes, heels, hair + makeup and have a professional videographer film multiple takes of each performer.


You'll walk away with a sultry 3.5 minute Aerial Act and a professionally edited video of it to share with your special someone, or to your social network, just in time for Valentine's Day!