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Upcoming Workshops
Register for any of the following by emailing us at

Flexibility Workshop with Leah Orleans
Wednesday, June 7th
8-9:30pm  Fee is $27
All levels welcome!


Aerial Workshops with
Matt Armenta (@Acromattic)

Saturday, July 8th
Silks & Wraps : 9:30-11:30am
Silks Choreography : 6:30-8:30pm

Early-Bird Pricing (before June 15th): $120 for both (save $20 if you book them both!)
Regular Pricing (after June 15th): $70 for each

  • Silks & Wraps: 9:30-11 am

    • Intricate, challenging but fun skills and wraps are the focus in this masterclass. Matt will lead the group through a handful of sequences, poses, techniques, and wraps designed to test your ability and challenge your limits. If you love the pretty but challenging poses you see on the internet you can probably learn them in this workshop. 

    • Pre-reqs: 1 year of Sling or Silks Experience, Inverting in the air, knowledge of basic Hammock/Sling terminology. 

  • Silks Choreography: 6:30-8:30 pm

    • If you are an Aerialist who is looking for some new choreography and want to improve your choreography retention skills this Masterclass is for you! Matt will lead the group through a choreographed mini routine. This class will combine flow skills with intricate wraps and skills to create a seamless routine choreographed to preplanned music. 

    • Pre-Reqs: Minimum 2 years of sling/silks experience, multiple aerial inverts, ability to retain choreography.

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Acro Workshops with Scott McDonald
Saturday, September 30th
Reversão and Helicoptero ~ 2:30-4pm
Sunday, October 1st
Airbaby, Croc, One Arm L Sit from from 4:30-6pm

  • Reversão and Helicoptero from 2:30-4pm

    • These two capoeira skills are very unique floor moves that can be applied to a number of different apparatuses and performance styles, whether it's pole, aerial, contemporary dance, parkour, tricking, or really any form of movement. They're flashy, they're fun, and the only prerequisites are being able to do a cartwheel and a bridge.

  • Airbaby, Croc, One Arm L Sit from from 4:30-6pm

    • Being proficient in any or all of these positions will greatly enhance strength, stability and control on one hand. For anyone working on their one arm handstand, these poses are great supplemental training and pretty cool skills in their own right. The only prerequisite would be having healthy wrists and a consistent 15-30 second two arm handstand. I would also cover some wrist prehab techniques to stay healthy for any and all handbalance training. 

  • Pricing: 

    • Sign up for both early-bird (before Sept. 1), $160

    • Sign up for individual early-bird (before Sept. 1), $100

    • Sign up for both regular, $200

    • Sign up for individual regular, $120

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