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Upcoming Workshops
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2 Pole Workshops with Sonnie Boyson

Intro to Pole Doubles

Sunday, April 21st from 1:30-3:00 pm


Come learn the art, skill, and balance of working with another person on the pole! We will review basics of working with a partner - you do not have to bring a partner to attend, but you are welcome to! Then we will learn mirrored moves, counter balance moves, and various levels of base/flier moves. Each pose will have variations based on attendees. Prerequisites: You must have taken at least several pole classes, be able to do basic spins, familiar with a basic pole climb, and be able to do a pole sit. The ability to invert is a plus but not required!


Splits for Days

Sunday, April 21st from 3:30-5:00 pm


There are so many ways to do beautiful splits poses on pole - every angle, direction, and grip you can think of!  We will start with a warm up and split conditioning drills you can take with you to improve your splits before we get into the moves. Then we will go over a selection of split poses - vertical, horizontal, angled, thigh grip, hand support (aka wrist sit) style grip, trapped leg... something for everyone!  This will also include some lovely transitions around splits. Prerequisites: invert (optimally an aerial invert), knee grip support (e.g. outside leg hang or cupid), brass monkey, ability to hold weight in a full bracket (you do not have to have your ayesha, but optimally at least a butterfly), and comfortable with various thigh grips (e.g. hip hold / jade / apprentice).


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message Sonnie on Instagram at @thesonnieside - she is always happy to add variations or requests, but it's easier if she knows ahead of time.

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